We saw SHINE FOR DOGS as an ideal project to keep our pets safe and in sight while helping to raise funds for dogs in rescues and shelters.  We want to: Shine the light for those left in the dark

Shine for Dogs donate 100% profits to dogs in Rescues and Shelters.

It’s no secret that Rescue Organizations need assistance. These incredible people give love, care, training and medical assistance to dogs in need, preparing them for their dream family.

The sad truth is many don’t get their dreams fulfilled. We hope that with these donations from your purchases, rescues are enabled to do more! Are you a Rescue that wants to be part of the project? email us


With your support, you have enabled us to donated $23,414.40 to dogs in need. Keep your dog safe, and at the same time HELP THOSE IN NEED.



North West Dog Project
Fresno Bully Rescue
Second Chance Rescue NYC
Glenhighland Farm
North Eastern Boston Terrier Rescue
Boston Terrier Rescue NC
TAO Animal Rescue

Best Friends
Rescue Dogs Rock
Friends of the Scituate Animal Shelter
Friends of Maddac
Help the Animals
Animal Haven
Toronto Humane Society
Guardians of Rescue

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue
Connect A Pet, NE
NY Save
Pits for Patriots
WARN (Australia)
Pitty Love Rescue


When purchasing a Shine for Dogs Product please consider:

• Never at any time place a collar/harness that is too tight or too loose around the dog’s neck.

• Always make sure that your dog is under supervision when using the Shine for Dogs products.

• If your dog is an excessive puller, please consider a harness or simply use the collar as an accessory.

• The Shine for Dogs collar is not a training collar or a walk assist collar. It should be used as an accessory collar for peace of mind.

• These products contain lithium batteries and should not be ingested; if in the event the product is chewed/eaten, please seek medical attention!

• Place your dog on a lead in non off-leash areas and public areas at all times.

• Never attempt to place a faulty or broken collar/harness/leash on your pet.

• Questions? Review our FAQ here, or click to contact us.